Anyone been to Luxor??


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Being a late starter I didn't experience my first trip abroad until in my 50s when I went to Luxor, Egypt in 2006. I had the foresight, just as I was about to leave the airport, to realise that I was about to experience something totally new and for the first time, and that I'd never be able to experience that feeling again - my first time on foreign soil with all those exotic sights, sounds, smells etc. So, much to my partner's annoyance, as soon as we got outside into the open I stood there for a few seconds to savour the moment. Unfortunately, it was before I really rediscovered my interest in photography, and so I never even thought to take a photograph, which I now bitterly regret. So, if anyone happened to also be on flight....., no only kidding, but if anyone does happen to have a shot of the view you get as you step out of the airport I'd be very grateful. Or if anyone reading this happens to go to Luxor (or lives there) and can take the shot for me I'd appreciate that too. All I had myself at the time was a cheapo Vivitar point and shoot so I'm not looking for anything special - just a photo to go with the memory and complete my album of the holiday. Many thanks indeed in anticipation


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A good friend of mine went there a few years ago. I wrote him asking if they got any good shots. If he sends any, I will post.
I was there back in 2010 but I caught the train from Aswan so I didn't have that "stepping off the plane" moment. Actually you've just reminded me that I don't know if I've even yet looked at any of my photos from Luxor since I certainly haven't processed any of them

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