Anybody using an Olympus 12-50mm lens on a non-IBIS Panasonic body?

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  1. Jonathan F/2

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    Aug 10, 2011
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    Olympus 12-50mm versus Pansonic 12-32mm - Which would you get?

    I'm debating which lens I want to get. Can't really decide. Most likely I buy either one used. I will use either with my E-M10 & E-PM2 combo. My current lenses are the 15/8, 17/1.8 & 45/1.8. Also I don't consider the weather sealing a pro, because I don't have a weather sealed body! Anyways, here are my pros and cons:

    Olympus 12-50mm -

    Pros: Fixed barrel length, macro feature, slightly longer reach, a bit cheaper used.
    Cons: Perhaps not as sharp, bigger lens (but I don't really consider it big in general), slow max aperture.

    Panasonic 12-32mm -

    Pros: Pancake, probably bit sharper, built in lens IS will give me an EVF/LCD stabilized lens, will allow my E-PM2 to be ultra compact for those times I want a P&S body.
    Cons: A bit more expensive, no macro also a bit more expensive in the used market.

    My main needs are the 12mm which both offer, but after that the features differ. I like the 12-50mm because I use my M43 gear in conjunction with my DSLRs for work related shooting and the macro feature would be really useful for those detailed shots. The 12-32mm on the other hand allows a truly stealth alternative especially on my E-PM2 for those times I want a compact street and travel setup which I also enjoy shooting!

    Anyways, I can't decide any advice for an undecided shooter? :wink:
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    Hey Jonathan, I've placed it on my GF3 shiz and giggles. Works ok in good lighting conditions. I would most likely not use the combo. When I do decide to carry the GF3, it's paired up with the 14mm pancake just to keep it very compact.
  3. Jonathan F/2

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    Aug 10, 2011
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    Changed up my thread because, I've changed priorities and didn't want two threads floating around. Anyways, bumping for some advice! :smile: