Any way to carry a battery on a sling strap?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by DeoreDX, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. DeoreDX

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    Mar 13, 2013
    My preferred carry method is via sling strap over my left shoulder. I use a carryspeed with my SLR and I love it. I don't like to take a camera bag with me and will pick one lens and one body (and perhaps flash attached) to carry around all day. This setup was fine with the SLR as the battery last all day. But the G5 battery life won't get me through a day. So what I'm looking for is a camera sling strapped sized for the G5 that I can use to hold a battery. I know blackrapid has the Cargo strap but it is way too big and overdesigned for that I want. I don't need the pocket large enough to fit an iPhone, I just want it large enough to fit a battery. I also don't need the opening flap thing to hold a billion memory cards, or business cards, etc. If there isn't a strap with a pocket built in maybe there is some type of accessory battery holder that I can strap or sew into another strap? Has anyone seen a solution like this? I hate carrying things in my pocket and don't want to have to lug around a battery in my pocket with my phone, keys, and change.
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    maybe something like this would work for you. it's pacifier pouch, they come in different colors/sizes, too! :biggrin:

  4. DeoreDX

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    Mar 13, 2013
    I figured someone made one of these. Looks like Optech makes one. They call it a battery holster so my initial googling didn't find it. But a quick browse through the optech site found it. Looks like I can use it with any sling strap of my choosing.

    OP/TECH USA Battery Holster

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    Thanks, I'll have to check that out. My concern would be that it would slide down the strap and rest the battery too near the top of the camera, but maybe it's designed to stay where one puts it on the strap.

    I either carry a Tamrac on my belt when I need backup batteries/cards: Tamrac MX-S536801 Memory & Battery Management Wallet 4 (Black): Camera & Photo

    or a SanDisk card wallet (SanDisk memory cards used to come in a soft, zippered wallet that was big enough to hold a card and a camera battery; I don't think they're currently available). Something like this: Travel KeyChain Case for SanDisk Sansa Clip 4 GB MP3 Player Case "Earphones set fits too!!!" + Includes a 4-inch eBigValue Determination Hand Strap as a gift!!: Electronics . But, of course, not that exact item.

    The SanDisk does slide down the strap to the top of the camera :frown:, so I generally use the Tamrac. The Tamrac can hold memory cards, AAA cells, AA cells, micro fiber cloth, and/or camera cells in any combination. The belt loop secures with a Velcro strap and a snap and can be removed and replaced on one's belt without undue effort.

    If that Op/Tech case doesn't slide down the strap I may have to add one or two to my kit. I've grown to dislike carrying batteries and cards in a pocket.


  6. DeoreDX

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    Mar 13, 2013
    That's what I was worried about. But I think that isn't anything a couple of stitches with needle and thread couldn't take care up. But I bet if it is placed around the neoprene part of one of the optech straps it looks like it would hold pretty good.
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    Jun 18, 2013
    I can vouch for the Countycomm lighter case. Have had one for two years that's been tossed around a lot and it hasn't frayed or shown any serious wear. The button holds strong, my only peeve being that closing the flap requires pressing down really hard on the button (and whatever else is inside).
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    For something as simple as a battery pouch, I would just find some material and sew a pocket onto your sling strap. :/ The closure would be the toughest part. I find buttons to be the simplest and most reliable but you could add a zipper or snap if you prefer, for a cleaner look. Zippers are just sewn in like the rest of the pocket, but snaps require a little snap kit, an awl, and a hammer. The good snaps, that is... don't bother with any snaps that require sewing.

    It'll take at most an hour out of your day, maybe two if you have to scrounge for material... which will probably be less time than it'll take to shop for one and adapt it, especially if you have to wait for shipping.
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    It would take me hours to bodge it, or I could just ask my wife Time it right & 10 minutes to explain what I want would do it, but with my normal timing it could be 6 months or more before it gets started.

    Curently I keep my spare batteries in the box they were supplied in, inside the inner plastic bag if they're charged and on it when flat. The boxes arn't going to last much longer though so something like this could be well worth investigating.
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