Any odds of a iPad Pro announcement on Tuesday?


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Apr 7, 2015
Disclaimer, haven’t read the entire thread, only first couple of replies.
I don’t think a new iPad pro, will be released before a new m1 chip is released (m2? M1+?).
The pro might even be in a 2 year cycle before a new release.
The pro m1 was released in early 21, no way they are releasing another one earlier then 11-13 months.
Watch out for a updated m1, that’s a signal that something is in the pipeline.
My 5 cents.
Btw. I’m still with my gen 1 pro.
looking forward to the next.


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May 25, 2016
Delaware, USA
I listened to the event while at work and followed along with most of the updates; the new Mini might be a holiday gift for my wife to replace her current Mini that is about 5 years old. She isn't a fan of faceID so we figured it wouldn't happen...but I was happy to see they relocated the fingerprint reader into the lock button. I had originally been looking to upgrade my phone, but between the sudden need to replace my iPad and the fact that my phone still takes great has been pushed back to maybe a 14 next year.


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Feb 8, 2011
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"Any odds of a iPad Pro announcement on Tuesday?"

Yes, there are some odds. My guess is somewhere between 1:10 and 1,000,000:1


I will take as much action as anyone wants to give at 1:10 and wager as much as anyone would like to allow at 1,000,000:1 on this proposition.

- K
Too bad (for me) no one took me up on either of these generous propositions I offered.

- K


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Jul 1, 2020
FT Worth, TX
Took in everyone's comments here, gambled, and ordered a new 12.9" Pro on Sunday night. Didn't increase the storage capacity at all so it is truly a simple replacement for mine - albeit I went from a gen3 to gen5 version. It arrived yesterday while I was at work and I restored it from a recent backup. First thoughts are that it really doesn't seem different from my last one. Sure, it has two generations better processor, but for 90% of my use it still loads news apps, weather apps, and mu-43 just fine regardless of processor. We will see if I notice any improvements when I process some pictures after this upcoming weekend in PA.

Thanks again for everyone's input!
I replaced my 2 year old 12.9” 3rd generation iPad Pro with the current generation. I usually upgrade every 2 years, selling the old one at a decent price. This time I went all out and bought the 2tb version. I had the 512gb last time and I was tired of bumping into the memory storage limits. I keep a lot of my images on the iPad and I do 99% of my editing on it.

For normal tasks, there is not a huge speed difference but web pages do load much faster. For LR, my images from my Sony A7Riv do process faster and my MFT images are faster but they were pretty fast on the old iPad. So there are performance gains but not earth shattering. I think as time passes, APP makers will update to take advantage of the M1 chip. ADOBE says they have and I am sure they will continue to develop and tweak. I’m very happy with the upgrade but I am I will upgrade again in 2 years. Skipping a generation works for me. It seems to be a good balance for resale on the old and performance gains on the new.

Concerning Apple Care, yes, it is a tough call. I did have a screen go bad on a first generation 12.9 that was taken care of by Apple Care. I did buy it on the new one as well, Costco discounts Apple Care when you buy through them so it was a decent deal. When I preordered, they had a $100 off deal plus a $50 off coupon for any purchase above $500 and Apple Care was $115. Not bad IMHO

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