Any Lens Turbo users here?

Discussion in 'Other Systems' started by The Dark, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. The Dark

    The Dark New to Mu-43

    Apr 5, 2012
    Mitakon Lens Turbo is a cheaper alternative to Metabones Speedbooster. It's a 0.72x focal length reducer and should make your legacy lenses act as they would on a "full frame" camera. Currently it's only $137 (+postage) on ebay. M4/3-versions will probably be released later this year, but I was thinking of getting one for my Sony NEX.

    Any opinions, experiences, sample pictures?

    My lenses would become faster and wider:
    Canon FD 50/1.4 --> 36/1.0
    Canon FD 85/1.8 --> 61/1.3
    Tair 133/2.8 --> 96/2.0
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