Another whats wrong post


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Kindly comment or critic this shot. I appreciate if there is any suggestion to improve it :thumbup:


Shutter 1/1000s
aperture f/5.6
ISO 160


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with high contrast like this it would have been good to bracket.
An exposure for the foliage and another for the sky. Often I will
use layers in PS and simply erase the dark area revealing the other

Amin Sabet

I think the eye is drawn to the foreground, silhouetted tree on the left, but it isn't really featured in the frame. A more prominent positioning of the that tree (perhaps a few steps back to include that entire tree) may have made for a stronger image IMO, although I like it as is.


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If I may post a candid opinion, you choose a strong exposure bias favouring the sky. Nothing wrong, except the ratio of visible sky is less than half of the picture. So maybe next time, by lowering the cam and pointing the lens upward, crouching maybe, you could increase the sky visibility at the expense of the lowly detailed and very dark earth.


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Beautiful sky. I tend to go with Amin's and mauve's view...probably because I don't do Photoshop (sorry hodad!) and I think the silhouette effect against that sky is what you were probably really after.


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The upper right branch, upper corner.. Doesn't want to be there....
I like everything else... It's like the light of day overcoming impending darkness....

Watch all 4 frame edges... They sneak up and bite ya in the butt later...


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If it was me (and I'm not sure anyone wants to be me), I would clone out the branches in the upper right corner and about halfway down the right edge. Also, as stated above bracketing and compositing, or curves and masking in PS to bring up the shadow detail in the foreground a touch.


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See, I like the dark. It makes me spend time searching for the unseen.
Two very important elements in images are.
1- The darkest dark
2- The lightest light
The inverse square law works well here... Less detail gives more emotion...
If he lightened the dark by 1/2-1 stop, the detail would emerge easier but the mystery would be gone.


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My 2 cents...

I love the silhouette of the tree top left. With the existing photo, I would crop out much of the foreground (thereby increasing the sky portion), and as Steve noted, clone out the upper right corner.

Sky colors and silhouette are really nice - good eye!


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great suggestions here...framing a picture is critical, either that or shoot wide and crop! But I love the sky. When we (you and me) get into HDR, things may look better. I think.
Carry on young Watson....nice start there hanzo.



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imho ,it would make sense to sacrifice all shadow detail and go for a true silhouette giving the sky more punch getting a little more in, as was suggested would have been a good call too,think about the position of sky elements in relation to foerground , in as far as thats possible

a suggestion.....
look to the artists to develop an understanding of the visual
look at the thousands of landscape painting made and how elements are arranged in the rectangle of such images , its all abstract in the end , look for dynamic movement arabesques suggested by nature , the relationship of negative and positive ,light and dark color relationships etc look at the great photos of the past too for how images are organized for impact and meaning.

im not saying that you need to copy the approach of what painters do , but as a lesson in orginizing the visual elements of whats in your "rectangle" , these guys have explored virtually every way possible to organize an image in the last several thousand years, use their collective wisdom......

being a good shooter is ultimately about understanding your craft, a technical understanding is paramount , but the other side of that coin in understanding design and understanding that images touch us for real reasons , and these reasons are deeper and more complex than just the subject matter of the photo , they are about an intelligent exploration of a formal nature [ meaning form!] , sometimes an image is served by a wonderful crowding and chaos to the visual , sometimes simples line and an almost emptiness will make an image speak , sometimes a repeating geometry of a play of fractal edges makes the point ,or the ebb and flow of arabesques thru elements of lights and darks and sometimes not , but learning to see beyond what we take for vision is essential , and will make you blossom as a visual artist

the image you posted isnt bad at all , all you need to do is push it find out what will make it great , there is no single truth or answer , but if you set furthering the excellence of your photos thru an understanding of the visual as a goal , then theres no limit exists to what you may accomplish

i struggle every day with drawing painting and photography ,all art is an exploration of form , and the subject is usually just a point of departure for a visual thinker to begin a personal journey , there are days i feel confident and productive and others where i feel lost in a void of banality , such is this wonderful journey , :)

not everything you do is gonna be a work of art , some thing are simply to record others to document , some is forensic and some for quick diversion some is for testing and some is to indulge those you love , but if you think more about the visual and learn its ways
it will become second nature, and as natural a riding a bicycle ....once youve learnd to ride a bike......


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explanation about copyright rules on the forum

f64, first here's an official welcome to this discussion board for :43:! I know this isn't your first post, but somehow you've gotten away without the official hello.:biggrin:

One thing I have to interject here while acknowledging your best of intentions, has some rules and guidelines posted here including copyright issues : You may not have seen this yet. It's titled "Important Notice: Please Read Before Using Forum or Gallery" and in the Site information section.

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I didn't expect so many comment :biggrin: which all are great !
The first thing that crossed my mind when I download the RAW is, this is not what I've shot :eek:
It lose a great deal of color details of the greenery in the foreground. I wasn't looking for a silhouette effect.
But apparently it is very subjective, seeing that some of you actually like it that way :)
Will try to bracket next time, though I'm not sure how easy that is done handheld.

I don't mind anyone else edit my image in this forum. I intentionally upload the file untouched, no color adjustment or crop, to encourage more comments.
Thank you all! :thumbup:
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Your shot using "shadow-highlight" in CS4

This is without the benefit of bracketing exposures.....


Your shot using Topaz Adjust 4 to boost colors / exposure.... in CS4


using Ilford Delta preset in NIK Silver Efex Pro in CS4


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Wow, hodad - I've got to put that little "Image Editing OK" in my signature line and get you to redo my photos! Magical - for those of us with little or no post processing knowledge. I see that hanzo thanked you.:biggrin: