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    I'm currently on vacation, and of course brought my GF5. While out sight seeing, we stopped to get a photo. It's in a very lovely location, and a site many couples get wedding photos. Well, along comes a photographer lugging her roller suit case of gear and saw us getting ready to take photos. She offered to take the photo so I could be in it. As soon as I handed her the camera, she got a big smile and kept going on and on about wow, it's so cool and small. She loved this compact/point and shoot camera with the interchangeable lenses. I pointed to her Canikon around her neck and said that this little guy wasn't a point and shoot, but a mirrorless camera and had all the same functions her camera had. She turned to her assistant and said that she had to get one for when she travels so she doesn't have to lug this heavy thing around as she pointed to her camera. I smiled and said, it's a micro four thirds camera, you need to check them out. So who knows, maybe she'll actually remember and get one.
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    There are more Pro / working photographers switching to / using Mu43 and the results are evident in magazines, exhibitions, galleries and on the web.

    Size and weight win through in the end and the current sensors can match many out there being used for paid work.
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    The number of working professionals - people who make a living from their photography - using micro 4/3 is vanishingly small. Of course the manufacturers would have you believe otherwise.

    I recall assisting the fashion photographer David Bailey a few years back when he had just finished a series of commercials for the Olympus E-Series 4/3 DSLRs. I had the job of changing films for his Mamiya medium format SLRs while he was shooting images of my then-wife, a fashion model.

    I asked him whether he had used - professionally - any of the equipment he helped to advertise. He had tried Olympus OM 35mm SLRs but rejected them in favour of his #1 choice Mamiyas. There was no question of him switching from 120 film, and I think that has remained the case ever since.
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    Didn't you just post saying you sold your :43: gear to go back to Nikon? Not sure one example proves the point. That said, I am sorry that I only saw your uploaded photos after I read your farewell post. I wish you the best, I understand the Nikon/Canon attraction for pros. I enjoyed viewing your photographs.
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    It's the manufacturer's promoting to pros...

    I have never seen a manufacturer's ad promoting M43 gear. What I have seen ever since the OMD was released is a surprising number of pro photographers starting to use M43 gear.

    Would you please post a link to evidence of your statement "Of course the manufacturers would have you believe otherwise."? An ad in a magazine...a video from a manufacturer...Very curious about that...:polling:

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    Have you been to which is run by an older working professional who uses the cameras for very demanding commercial customers like the Federal Govt., Skippy Peanut Butter, and so forth. His name is Will Crockett and you can google him to see his credentials over the years.

    I suspect you failed because you did not avail yourself of the necessary resources, or you caved to customers who didn't take you seriously because you didn't bring a big camera, lol.

    You've made your decision, Cub, but you're plain wrong about Pro's. More come to our way of thinking every day.