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    Jun 24, 2010
    Hey BBW,

    I'm new here and were wondering why did u change ur e-p2 into an e-pl1 ? I indeed would like to have an e-p2 because I bought a nikon d90 but this camera is too big for me, I can't imagine myself taking it in a spontaneous way........

    Thanks for your time.

    Johann, Paris.
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  2. BBW

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    Welcome Johann! I've split your post off into its own introduction thread so that you can get an "official" welcome here.:wink:

    My reasons for changing Olympus camera bodies are explained here: at post #33, I believe. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. You can read through the whole thread to hear from others, and don't forget to check the Reviews section of the board, too, which can be accessed by clicking on that little dark blue tab "Reviews" at the top of the forum's page.

    Check out the Olympus forum to find out more views on the different cameras, Johann, and good luck with your decision!:smile: