Another new m43 user.

As a 4/3 user (starting with the E-1, followed by the E-3 and a set of nice lenses), I've been looking at m43 cameras from the corner of my eye for a while. When my local shop offered me an E-P1 dual lens kit (14-42, 17 + OVF) for a price below internet prices, I was sold. Especially knowing that Olympus offered a free adapter to use my 4/3 lenses at that time. So now I'm enjoying myself a lot using the E-P1 and the 17. So far I'm a bit hum-ho about the 14-42, but I didn't allow myself to get used to it yet.


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marlof, you'll find many kindred spirits here who've migrated as you have. Thanks so much for taking the time to introduce yourself. I'll be looking forward to seeing some of your photographs, soon.:biggrin:

It sure sounds as though you got a very nice deal!:thumbup:


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Greetings! I'm new on the forum too, but I cannot even say I've held my new camera yet. Darned DHL couriers are playing 'hard to get' so I can only claim that this site is a wonderful place for info for new 'want to be' :43: users! :biggrin:
Thanks for the nice welcome.

So far I´ve just used the E-P1 as a family snapshot camera, and I don't share family snapshots online. As soon as I've found my way around the camera, I'll use it for other purposes as well, and share results.