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  1. While rummaging through a directory of pictures from a couple of months ago, I found a picture of one of my cats that I wanted to like, but didn't. The shot was nicely in focus, and he had an amusingly intent facial expression, but I hated the colors. The white balance was off, making everything too yellowish and drab, and the background was "meh" at best. Nothing I did in software was making anything any better. On a whim, I switched it to monochrome in the RAW converter, and it immediately became a much better shot. A bit of fussing with the levels and I had both my and my wife's favorite ever picture of our cat. Buoyed by my success, I found a picture of my beagle that had similar issues with drab color, and made another satisfying image. Black and white portraits (of people and animals) can look great; who knew? (Note to self: See about reinventing that "wheel" you've heard so much about.)

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    i completely agree... sometimes the color info is just so much nonsense, and a photo stripped of it becomes a much greater thing, tone makes the point first....... light and dark .......without distraction... ive saved many a photo this way
    color is beautiful , i mostly shoot color .... and you are completely correct

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    I love color but I prefer B&W... Shades of gray are the only way to see the beauty and simplicity of life... My mutt... 1/2 boxer 1/2 pit full baby.....

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    Great photos you two and I agree both as an animal lover and as someone who never was very into black and white, as a means of my own expression.

    Laserguy, if you only knew - I have posted way too many animal shots in my Photo A Day blog...and I seem to have them in my galleries, too. Here are a few. Meanwhile, Boris - you've been keeping your beautiful dog from me! Both you and Laserguy have just gotten Gold Stars in my book.:biggrin:
    P2280594_1_of_1_1.jpg P3060742_1_of_1_.jpg
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    BB, Lol... when my ex and I split my pup had to move in with my mom... I see her at least 3x a week... I miss her so much, but my parents can provide a better life for her... Hence not many pictures... Now my dad loves her more than my sisters 2 pups.. My sister and parents share a 2 family house... So the 3 of them play all day every day...

    Her & Her pitbull/lab cousin

    her rotty cousin
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    Black and White

    I always try a black and white conversion before I completely dismiss a shot I might otherwise delete. Sometimes it just redeems it sufficiently to become a keeper. It can also be a double edged sword because it can then become difficult to decide what works best for a particular image!