And interesting summary of DSLR vs Mirrorless

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    I have said it before and will keep on saying it - they need to advertise better. They being Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji and Sony, makers of the main mirrorless systems. They need a very strong internet presence and as many TV commercials as they can afford.

    The next biggest thing is getting the product into mainstream chains. Many people want cameras other than their cell phones, even if it is only for a few special occasions. But those same people are not likely to visit B&H or other online outlet nor are they going to visit a classic camera store but rather the local Walmart or Target or BestBuy. If the mirrorless brands had a {much better}presence there with a good display stating the advantages of they system over DSLRs then they would sell a lot more.
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    Sean Rastsmith
    Agreed on the marketing. The problem with big box stores is getting them to carry them. Best Buy has Nikon 1, had NEX and got burned. Target carried a bit of m43, got burned liquidating it. Remember, you want the cheaper options there for mass appeal, not the EM1 12-40 kit.
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    I agree that the marketing is pretty poor for all mirrorless cameras. They really do need to be aggressive with their marketing, because DSLRs are so entrenched in people's minds as being the best. They should start doing advertising that tackles that meme head to head and make people realise that they can use mirrorless systems to create great photographs without the size and weight. Pricing is always going to be the Achilles Heal, because you can get a cheap and cheerful DSLR often for much less than a mirrorless camera and with one or other of the two big names on the front.
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    Olympus needs a really low end OMD for under $500 with lens. I think price is the biggest issue.
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    I just got back from a quick run to Best Buy. All the DSLR and compact point and shoots were center stage in the camera dept. the nex5 and nex7 were on the end aisle facing the back wall!? I was like the 2 best cameras in this whole store and they placed them where no one can see them. I felt like clipping the wires and taking them home ha!

    It seemed that the sweet spot for the systems were $400 or less. And the canon and nikon DSLRs were on shiny pedestals to justify price from a presentation standpoint. The general public doesn't understand mirror less because they look like over pieced point & shoots.

    The Samsung area on the other hand was hot! And their camera lineup looks smoking in person. Couple people were standing around those. The fo-leather grip is sweet. And their display was bright and appealing. Olympus needs to hire those guys to do their marketing for sure.
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    Dunno about Oz, but marketing is terrible in the US, especially for Panasonic m4/3.
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    I honestly can't recollect seeing anything recently that promoted m4/3 in Australia. Then again, I don't remember seeing much from Canon or Nikon either. I don't buy photo magazines, so have no idea if there is advertising in them, but I suspect that they would be drowned out by Nikon/Canon ads.

    I would love to write some advertising briefs to promote m4/3 and it would involve full-sized DSLRs in various scenarios. The myths and memes would be rapidly destroyed.
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    At least in Melbourne, the only camera ads to been seen in public come from Nikon and oddly enough Olympus. Nikon does a fair amount of magazine advertising and tv offers, whereas Olympus has had very prominent street advertising for the em-5 & 1. Lots of bus stops, billboards, stations, etc.

    Apparently I pay far too much attention to ads!
  9. I wonder how well Sony has done with selling the A3000, which seems to be something of a covert agent for mirrorless cameras in amongst the DSLR pack and is about as far from the original concept of the NEX as you could get whilst still being a NEX. It looks like a small DSLR, it handles like a small DSLR, it is the same size as a small DSLR (with a smaller kit lens), and sells for close to $300 which is less than any non-fire sale entry-level DSLR price that I could get here.
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    Ray, not Oz
    I actually think the Sony A7/A7r may be the catalyst that jump starts the mirrorless change. The FF sensor will be it's major selling point, but the fact that it's small and mirrorless will provide greater awareness that not all digital cameras have to be big to perform well. And megapixels are no longer the ultimate criteria by which you judge a camera, as noted by the Nikon D4 and now D4s, very big cameras, but which have 16MP sensors. Clever marketing can take all of this and mould it into a very good case for the likes of m4/3s.
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    Have you guys seen that Nokia ad talking about ditching DSLR's in favor of their flagship Lumia 1020??


    The Nokia ad makes some sense but it would fit much better for mirrorless cameras and would make even more sense. They could add another layer for cellphone cameras not having enough quality then tout the GM1 or PEN or some other tiny camera that has superb image quality.
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    Andrew Lossing

    The reason the Nokia ad makes some sense is that it's true, tragically true, that probably the majority of people out there who buy entry level dslrs could have everything they wanted from the Lumia 1020's camera. Nokia knows the current crop of dslr users are way overburdened and over equipped. Mirrorless users are at least a little more savvy in that they went against the crowd, so possibly actually cared about which camera fit their needs.
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    May 4, 2011
    Don't forget the 12mp Nikon D3s that pro's today still love....
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    It's funny how Samsung is quietly but surely developing their NX mount system. It's getting close to being competitive. Samsung has enormous marketing power. If they start marketing NX, it'll be in every best buy and all over TV with prices lower than anything similar. Hopefully, Panasonic and Olympus will wake up soon. Just imagine if Apple would to market CSC, they would become must haves in every household on the planet. Almost everyone takes pictures, there is enormous potential for high quality compact camera systems. Pretty much everyone who has children is in the market for a new camera.
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  15. I think the attribute that the Sony A7 needs in terms of attracting new converts is it's price. I don't know how it compares elsewhere, but presently the A7 is the cheapest (just) current model full-frame body that I can find in Australia and that price includes a free battery grip and a choice of free lens adapter including the electronic Sony A mount and Metabones Canon EF adapters. Of course you could say that it currently needs an adapter anyway to bring it closer to a 6D or D610. Where the A7 currently falls down is what it offers as a system, and that is going to be a hard sell in a price range where most buyers would be more likely to own multiple lenses. It also appears to have some "first generation" limitations even though it is at least third generation given it's NEX heritage. If it did what the Olympus E-M1 does but with a full-frame sensor it would really throw the cat amongst the pigeons but instead it still seems a bit raw. If more mature mirrorless systems struggle to establish a foothold against their direct competitors with what are now very polished products, I don't know if the A7 will fare any better.
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    The A7 is the worst-performing full frame camera in the market by some distance, IMHO. If it was the same size as a 6D no one would look twice at any aspect except price. It should be cheaper.

    [edit: it should be cheaper than the competition, I mean. Which it is. Because it needs to be.]
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    Ray, not Oz
    I think you need to clarify/justify your comments, as general reviews seem to give it a very good score, especially in the areas that count, which are image quality. The only major negative seem to be that it tends to have a slower AF and be slow in processing shots, but then I don't think this is going to be an issue for those likely to buy into the A7 or A7r.

    In fact, I'd be very tempted to own the A7r for use with my M mount lenses, mainly landscapes etc.
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    As for marketing ยต4/3, they should focus on professionals who use them -- preferably famous professionals. Even if you have to 'buy them' and get them to bend the truth.

    Sad but true, "I have the same as the champion" is a pitch that works like a charm.

    Says the champion, "I have never been happier. Smaller, faster, better, beautifully built, classy. I can't think of a single reason to stay with those lumbering old elephants. The world has moved on and so have I. Even my largest prints are shockingly beautiful."
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    call me Arg
    Done. cheers