An approach to lens choice

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  1. crossen

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    Apr 26, 2014
    We all want many things in a m4/3 camera. Here is how I get some of them:

    Compactness: use small primes, not long or heavy zooms.

    Unobtrusiveness: ditto. Especially avoid zooms that telescope.

    Avoid changing lenses: choose several primes, fairly close in focal length,so that any one of them can be used as the "normal" lens until the time comes that it is convenient to change lenses. I use a 12-32, a 20 and a 45.

    Reduce weight:
    Distribute the weight. Carry a small extra lens or two,, in each slacks or jacket pocket, not in the same pocket and not in the camera case. A big error is trying to consolidate everything in one place. Distributed weight is much lighter and less onerous.

    Try a small lightweight camera case the simply holds your camera. Why add a pound or two pound or more, to what you are carrying? Or if possible avoid a camera case entirely.
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    I would add one more criteria in picking lenses, or any equipment: What do you want to say with your photography? Concentrating on that can make choosing equipment much easier.

    I read a quote from M. L. King, Jr. - “No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they’d die for.”

    Now photography doesn't have to be a life and death thing for every photographer, but taking time to think about what is important in your work, what you want others to see from your photos, can go a long way in deciding what equipment is worth having.

    I see a lot of different styles, different subjects, and different approaches to photography on this forum. It's fun to learn from others and try some of these new things. And if doing that requires new equipment, that's fine. But I think that having a default setup that keeps me engaged in doing what I want to do most, and nothing else, is important.