American High School Football with E-M1 and Zuiko 150mm f2

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    Jan 19, 2014
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    I keep seeing people asking about shooting in dark stadiums. I switched from a D700 to the E-M1. I am constantly being told you can't shoot football with anything other than a Nikon or Canon. Our field is poorly lit. Because it's a fixed lens, I do get less pictures than I would with a zoom. I'm happy with the results so far. This is my first outing. All shot with an E-M1 and the Zuiko 150mm f2. In the first picture, the player caught the ball right in front of me. I was rather surprised that the E-M1 adjusted from across the field to about 10 feet away immediately. I also posted this in the 150mm f2 showcase.
    [​IMG][/url]FootballVsG 176_DxO by charlemeign, on Flickr[/IMG]
    [​IMG][/url]FootballVsGr 174_DxO by charlemeign, on Flickr[/IMG]
    15436695471_ec0b51920a_c.jpg FootballVsG164_DxO by charlemeign, on Flickr
    15253117739_a7825e7631_c.jpg FootballVsGr 137_DxO by charlemeign, on Flickr
    15439894155_b32dc82a9c_c.jpg FootballVsGr 068_DxO by charlemeign, on Flickr
    15439546622_ffde572162_c.jpg FootballVsG 066_DxO by charlemeign, on Flickr
    15253324777_bb88518d2d_c.jpg FootballVsGr061_DxO by charlemeign, on Flickr
    15416816876_3f45d92b06_c.jpg FootballVsG046_DxO by charlemeign, on Flickr
    15416817166_2784bf414a_c.jpg FootballVsG 043_DxO by charlemeign,

    I also posted this in the 150mm f2 showcase so people can see what this lens can do.
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    Well done, any NR done?
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    Thanks. I shoot RAW and run it through DXO Optics Pro, and I have the noise reduction set low. These were all ISO 1600 or 1250, so the noise wasn't bad.
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    Very nice!