Amazon Prime Day purchases ?


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Jan 13, 2018
I'd say over half of my smaller Amazon Prime things come via USPS. Most of Sunday deliveries are USPS too. Some start out FedEx or UPS, but once at the Los Angeles hub they hand off to USPS. I suspect FedEx and UPS do the air portion, but then move to USPS when nearby for small items.

My issue with USPS is that different mail carriers sometimes drop things at the wrong house. However, their tracking number gets posted quickly, often <3-4 minutes, so I know something should be here. If it isn't I can run them down in their route and ask "Shows delivered at mailbox, but I don't see it" and they backtrack and find it. If it happens with the big guys, they are gone and package may be gone too if they drop it elsewhere. They get the number right, but have issues with street endings like Place, Street, Avenue, Blvd, Circle, Drive, Etc.

None of them stick around long enough to sign for the item now. They may ask for your name while standing 10 feet away and then run. Probablv covid directions.
Interesting. I'm in the LA area and basically never receive my Amazon packages via USPS. It's always ups, FedEx, or Amazon's contracted drivers.
Aug 13, 2014
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I took a quick look on Amazon US and didn't see anything that warranted my credit card. They had some Rokinon lenses on sale, but nah. They have very few Olympus things on sale. Not looking to buy a new TV yet either. Sounds like other Amazon stores had more interesting deals.


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Apr 24, 2018
SF Bay Area, California, USA
I was looking at a few items, none of which dropped in priced. Mostly don't need them, but if the price DROPPED low enough, like some of the crazy stuff last year.
BLH9 - battery grip for the EM1-mk2​
60 macro​
Nothing else was interesting enough, and I went to sleep.
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Oct 17, 2018
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Sometimes it's worth to have a look at the Warehouse Deals section of Amazon on Prime Day/Black Friday/Cyber Monday since selected items get an additional discount of 20%. I usually make a list of things I want to get and then try to swap up some "like new" or "very good" items... I have not really bought any camera related items except for two 64gb sd cards this time, but some airpods pro as "very good" from for about 150 € incl. shipping to Germany (fortunately the earbuds can be fully detached and cleaned in case they do not come as advertised xD).

Also websites like or (in Germany) usually synch their promo days with any major sales like cyber week or prime day. So I hope shoop tracked the 5% cashback on my purchase on an used sigma 18-35 lens (just folling around). Ah and I did buy a Viltrox ef-m2ii speedbooster off for about 130 € incl. shipping I just remembered lol :whistling:...


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Jun 2, 2015
The camera/photo offerings were pretty slim, maybe some were sold out by the time I checked the deals. Quite a few other vendors like Adorama were offering price matching deals.

I ended up buying a NAS enclosure and some high capacity drives to replace my aging Apple Time Capsule. Saved about $250.


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Aug 26, 2016
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What was the final price?
I got one of those tiny ones, but from Samsung.
512GB only, I was too stingy for the larger ones.
£110. I’d been tracking the 512GB version for some time and that was reduced too but I opted for a bit more storage to reduce the number of devices I use. I guess the salesman won but I’ll keep telling myself I won a little bit too.


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May 19, 2010
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Genuine question: Does Amazon even use USPS for shipments? I thought they used a mix of UPS / FedEx / their own shipping to get from warehouse to delivery point and then an Amazon driver finishes the delivery. Have they changed something recently?
Oh no they do use USPS mostly he in our area. We get daily deliveries from Amazon, mostly USPS.
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