Almost slapped myself...

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    Apr 24, 2013
    So this week there has been a lot of rain in my area and I haven't gotten outside much. So I tried some indoor shooting. Got some shots of the trackball from my mouse casting shadows and such and a few other odd things.
    I did manage to get outside and do a little shooting here and there. Flowers, insects, fossils, and so on.
    Last week when I went to blow some dust off the sensor of my GX1 with some canned air, it blew the liquid inside the can all over it and froze the sensor. I was worried that it may have screwed something up.
    Well it did ok at first and then they started coming out with a very cool color temp. Surely it didn't freeze it that bad. All my shots were coming out very blue. I was sure that I had screwed it up.
    This morning was overcast and there had been rain and I was out shooting in it anyway. I stopped at a little park and waited to see if it would clear up so I could get out and shoot some. I was watching a robin hop along the ground looking for worms and I got my camera ready. She flew up into the fork of a tree about eye level to a nest with her nestlings. I fired off a few shots from my car and they came out blue as well. I decided to change the white balance to see if it would warm it up because I thought the auto WB wasn't doing a very good job.
    Lo and behold my WB was set on incandescent. Not Auto. Blue indeed.

    Here is the sharpest photo of the robin with few adjustments thanks to me finally checking my WB.

    Now to work on my sharpness... SMH
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    Mar 19, 2012
    Dortmund, Germany
    Similar situation when I got my 17 1.8. I was at a family gathering and had the 9-18 on the camera. Swapped it for the 17 and the viewfinder was all blurry. Half-pressed the shutter to focus and nothing happens. Tried everything: camera off/on again, checked the SCP - AF is on.

    Panic: camera is broken! Took me about five minutes before I realised I had moved the lens ring back when I mounted the lens.