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Allo from the UK

Discussion in 'Welcomes and introductions' started by MilkshakeFiend, May 18, 2012.

  1. MilkshakeFiend

    MilkshakeFiend Mu-43 Regular

    May 18, 2012
    Salford, Manchester
    Hi there! Lurked around here for a while, thought I may as well sign up and join in.

    I got into photography about 9 months ago, I've found it to be great fun, good exercise and very rewarding.

    I use an EPL-1, and have amassed a collection of 4 lenses so far - the obligatory 14-42 kit lens, a Canon 50mm f1.8, a Vivitar Series 1 70-210 f3.5 Macro and today a Panasonic 14mm f2.5 which I'm very much looking forward to experimenting with!

    I live near Cambridge - but I'm off to Salford, Manchester in September to study for a master's degree.

    When I'm not messing around with my camera I like to play guitar, play PS3 and tinker with my car.

    That's about it!

    See you around the boards :)

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  2. hypnomatt

    hypnomatt Mu-43 Regular

    Nov 4, 2011
    Welcome! :friends:
  3. Neon

    Neon Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 12, 2012
    North Wales,UK.
    hello and welcome