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Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by salinaale, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. salinaale

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    Jan 20, 2015
    after reading some Alex Webb books ( i like it very much ), i decided to try to reproduce his style.. expecially for the color rendering.
    I'm using LR6... any suggestions? are there some preset that can i use as a starting point?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. GBarrington

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    I'm sure that many of us don't know who Alex Webb is or what his photos look like, do you have a link?

    [Edit] Ahhh! I found him, a Magnum guy.

    From what I've seen, he likes the 'pop' he gets from moderately higher contrast, and slightly oversaturated colors. Playing with contrast and saturation should at least start you down the path.

    I suspect much of his success lies in careful selection of subjects that lend themselves to his shooting style. Nothing wrong with that! It's a lesson we all could learn once we develop our own styles!
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  3. Klorenzo

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    Mar 10, 2014
    He used Kodachrome for old works so some filters, from Nik suite for example, may put you close.
    I can see a lot of deep/clipped shadows, overall darkish exposure and a lot of saturation but that could also be an effect of the exposure. Strong harsh light in may shots.
    Seems like he exposes for the lights and leaves the rest going black (skyes are never pale).
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