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  1. Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 5, 2013
    Albatros with E-PM1...



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  2. CRGLS

    CRGLS New to Mu-43

    Mar 12, 2013
    Very nice. Quite a magnificent creature.
  3. elavon

    elavon Mu-43 All-Pro

    Sep 1, 2012
    Tel Aviv Israel
    Great set
  4. peterpix

    peterpix Mu-43 Veteran

    Feb 8, 2010
    So. Maine
    Peter Randal
    Too bad "you can't shoot wildlife with m43s!"
  5. Rockinggoose

    Rockinggoose Mu-43 Regular

    Nice detailed in-flight shots. Not an albatross but a Gull, not totally sure of the species as it is a juvenile and it depends where and when the photos were taken. The best guess is a 1st Winter Pallas's Gull because of the grey mantle and scapulars but that is usually only found Dead Sea/Black Sea area and South East Mediterranean/Red Sea. Would this be possible?

  6. Rockinggoose

    Rockinggoose Mu-43 Regular

    Who told you that? While it is well known that CDAF is not as good as PDAF for fast moving objects, compared with most birds a large Gull like this is relatively slow moving. M4/3rds is excellent for shooting a lot of wildlife including insects, mammals, perched birds, cetaceans and flora.

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