Alaskan Glaciers near Whittier

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    I saw a post elsewhere about glaciers and I took a few images of some glaciers last year. The camera used was a Canon 10Mp 20x zoom point and shoot that I returned to Amazon right after the trip after I found out how poorly it did in low light and fringing could get pretty bad sometimes too. I got my G1 as a replacement. These images are hosted on Zenfolio as are all of my shots. The whole series of shots can be seen here if you are interested.

    Zenfolio | Slideshow | Ricky Niell


    Glacier over the town of Whittier.


    This glacier ice is about 300 years old.

    The boat helps to give the glacier some scale.

    When a piece would break off every minute or so, the sound was very loud, the closest way to describe it was like the crack of lightning and very loud. We were so far away, the ice would already be in the water by the time we heard the crack of ice breaking off the glacier. The ice hitting the water in this image is much bigger than the boat we are in.:eek:
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