After market battery chargers for BLB13PP

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  1. With the GF-1 body ver 1.2 firmware update Panasonic noted that use of OME BLB13PP battery is required. Looking for a charger without a cord similar to the OME charger that came with the old LX-2. Flip out plug. A few choices out there. Output of the chargers is not the same as the OME charger. Most don't note any overcharging monitoring system. Has anyone tried a cordless after market chargers?

    Do most users really like & need a ~2 meter long charger cord?
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  3. Thanks for the link. Placed an order for a cordless charger and another spare battery. Total cost before shipping was less than the OME replacement battery purchased at Amaz.
    Nice to see they list which batteries are compatible with which firmware update.