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Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by genesimmons, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Feb 12, 2017
    hi all, i recently downloaded a copy of affinity, its an older version from 2016 i believe, i was very surprised that it opened my panasonic zs70 raw files where as none of my newer editing programs do not, does any one use this program. i am having some issues with clone tool and such,seems like a decent program so far, its the best one i have used that can open the raw files, it seems to work my mac air quite hard though but dxo pro optics does as well, light room runs the best. does any one use this as thier main editor, is there plug ins available for it, thanx
  2. Affinity photo is an excellent app... I'd suggest taking a look at their Vimeo channel (accessible from a link on their site) to get some brief but very well explained video tutorials. I know there are several there dealing with ie. the clone tool. The very polite chap doing the videos (always thanks you for watching at the end) is succinct so gets right to the point... not like others who like to hear themselves yap. The link can be found under the tutorials section of the site, link to that is on the main page. Sorry I'm on my iPad and using the forum app for my-43 and haven't found a way to post links yet... even though I know the link tool is here. Or maybe it was the photos I was having problems with... dunno... it's still early in the morning here.
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    Feb 12, 2017
    thanx for the quick reply, ill check for some tutorials, i like the layout of the app, it opens my raw files which is great so i hope to use it this week as i have a few raws i want to process, thanx
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    I like Affinity Photo pretty well. You mentioned having issues with the clone tool. Here is a blurb I wrote for myself awhile ago after having problems with the clone tool - hope it helps:

    To clone from one image to another, select the Clone Tool in the image you want to use as the source, set the origin pressing the ALT key and clicking on the area you want to clone from, then go to the content toolbar and press the Add Global Source button. Change to the image you want paint with the Clone Tool, go to the content toolbar, set the Current Layer dropdown to Global and paint on the image. The source from the original image will be used.
    Actually, in order to get this to work, you have to use the Source Panel to pick which "source" to use when you are in the receiving image and have picked the Global mode of the cloning. This is actually explained in the Help.​

    As you can see, the clone tool is more powerful than in most image editors, allowing you to have multiple clone areas from multiple images, and to reuse them later (even after the original cloned-from image is closed !)