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The beauty of this application is that you create your own profiles, for your own lenses.This will be a great application for legacy lenses. It seems easy enough to do and that means any idiosyncracies of your system are taken into account. I'm also sure that plenty of lens profiles will appear in the user community soon enough, though my guess is that they will predominantly be for Canon/Nikon lenses. :smile:




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Yeah, I've got a big matrix of lens/body combinations to profile, but I'm still without my G1 (being modified) so I've been working through 5DmkII/7D profiles.
Once you get the right size targets printed (I've done some A4 targets on my own printer and done A3/A2 targets at the local OfficeWorks) and mount them on flat surfaces (I got some MDF sheets cut to A3/A2 sizes) you then need to sort out how to mount them so you're not introducing further distortions for each of the 9 shots you need to take.
Then to get a _good_ profile you need to shoot separate series of shots at various apertures, and for a zoom lens do it at lots of focal lengths (with appropriate size targets).

Be aware that it's not just a case of "take a couple of snaps and run the software", unless you want crappy profiles. My first profile was just a test, and it wasn't very good. But in the intervening time I've got a bit better at it.

As you might guess, I haven't made it very far through my matrix (2x bodies with different crops, 3x primes, and 3x zooms) but hopefully I'll have time to get further through the list soon. Currently I only have one lens (14-45) for my G1, but I will be profiling it for visible light and then I get to experiment and see if there are any differences with IR!

Certainly the introduction of this technology has meant that when I see lens reviews (e.g. for the M.Zuiko 9-18 I'm considering) that mention distortions, I don't think of it as a serious problem!


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This seems like a very good idea.
As Ray said, there will be many profiles posted in the next few weeks.
Maybe we can start a section on the board for a profile list.
That could save much work for everyone.


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Have downloaded and had a look. As David said you need to get organised to tackle this - not difficult but needs a bit more dedication than I have at the moment. I suspect there could be a market for good quality profiles a la the OlyColy camera profiles. I'd pay a small donation for them (as I've done with OlyColy).


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My interest lies more with my prime legacy lenses, rather than zooms and it seems that this might be where the greatest benefit comes with the likes of the m4/3s cameras. I wouldn't bother with my 4/3s lenses and cameras, as they are pretty much as good as you can get. I hope to be able to cut a few profiles for some of my lenses between tomorrow and the weekend. I'll probably do some for my most oft used m4/3s lenses: 28mm f2, 40mm f2 and 90mm f4.



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Adobe Issues Lens Profile Creator Update


Adobe issues Lens Profile Creator update: Digital Photography Review

"Adobe has issued the second prerelease version of the Lens Profile Creator utility for immediate download from its Adobe Labs site. The upgraded version fixes 'several reported issues in the initial build.' The utility enables users to create custom lens profiles for Photoshop CS5, ACR 6.1 and Lightroom 3."

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Just had a look at the lenses newly supported by Lightroom 3.2 - nothing from Olympus and Panasonic ? Would anybody have a good source for lens profiles ? Thanks in advance...