Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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    I am here in Addis today and President Obama has just arrived and the city is super excited. I spent today with a driver touring the city and took some shots of Ethiopians. It is the rainy season, and the humidity combined with horrendous pollution makes lighting a real challenge. That and the high altitude also makes breathing sometimes challenging too... But the people are wonderful and the city is safe and fascinating. Shot all of these with the E-M1 and O12-40 in natural light.
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  2. Beautiful shots! Thanks for posting.
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    wonderful portraits. they look very natural from a processing perspective, which is a big positive for me personally. the oof is perfect and more resembles ff than m4/3.
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    Wonderful shots actually better than wonderful they are powerful and tell a real story!

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    Well...the O12-40 doesn't provide a lot of bokeh even at f2.8 so I often apply a lowpass filter to the background in Darktable to enhance the image isolation. You cant do it for every portrait and to be honest I wish I had brought my O45 or canon fd 80-200 f4 l because those lenses are much better for portraits. But the 12-40 works with some careful framing and selective post processing.