Action Photography with the E-PL1

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    I took it plus the Panasonic 45-200 lens to a riding competition yesterday to see how well the combination could keep up with the activity.

    I found the moving focus box was a decided inconvenience, slowing things down considerably. (Camera had been sent to spot focus and the moving box was invariably in the wrong place).

    One I had changed to an immoveable center box I locked focus and recomposed and got the focus I wanted. I also prefocused on the jumps.

    I tried to anticipate the position of the horse and press the shutter button BEFORE the peak moment (front legs in the air) but often missed. A dslr with fast burst mode would have been more up to the job.

    That being said, I did get a few keepers and this was my favorite: <a href="" title="P5294710 Little Jumper by Isabel Cutler, on Flickr"> 5772930038_abb69a6112_o.jpg "1145" height="836" alt="P5294710 Little Jumper"></a>

    About setting exposure: A guy shooting with a Nikon dslr told me to set it at +0.7 for the backlit situation. I always avoid plus settings when there's white to be burnt out and many of the horses had white on them. I tried a few at his setting and they were terrible. I prefer to underexpose and then lighten shadow areas in Photoshop.

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