Acronyms and Other Helpful Terms (some with Links)

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    Colin, also known as (AKA) angloasturian, recently posted in mauve's important thread A small request benefit us foreigners a number of very helpful links for everyone, whether English is our first language or our fifth.

    I've taken the heads up from mauve's thread, along with the responses within, and have created this sticky thread where I hope it will catch everyone's attention. I encourage other members to add in their own helpful posts and links here, as well.:2thumbs:
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    These two have been copied from mauve's original thread:

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    OK, here is one that Mauve, you mentioned, that I honestly didn't know. TLA = three letter abbreviations.

    And then we have the one that kind of kicked off that thread: EPP which means Employee Purchase Program, which apparently in the UK is referred to as a Staff Discount.
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