According To Coppola, (for video) $700 GH2 Beats $65,000 Sony F65

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    Jan 24, 2012
    Some positive publicity for m43 on Gizmodo:
    According To Coppola, A $700 Video Camera Beats A $65,000 One

    "The contenders included a wide range of cameras, ranging from the $65,000 Sony F65, right down to the iPhone 4. Audiences of filmmakers around the world were shown each camera's results, the names of each camera remaining a mystery. The most favored machine, to the shock of many, turned out to be the $700 Panasonic GH2 micro four-thirds camera."

    Of course, as the article points out, "there is a great degree of subjectivity at play here. The skill and decisions of each cinematographer definitely played a key role, as did the personal preferences of those voting.".

    Revenge of The Great Camera Shootout Part One | Zacuto USA

    Revenge of The Great Camera Shootout Part Two | Zacuto USA

    Plus, as the comments point out factors like lighting, sound etc are crucial too - the equipment used is only part of the equation. (I saw some suprisingly good [in terms of technical quality] short films made on Nokia mobile phones for a sponsored competition as part of least years Edinburgh Film Festival).