Above flash sync fun with Flashpoint Roveligh

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  1. star bright star light

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    Dec 22, 2015
    Yep - it works with my Olympus camera and the stock (included) radio trigger. Enable the above X sync hack on the camera and shoot up to 1/8000 sec (camera model dependant) with the RoveLight in "HSS" mode and between full power and 1/16 power.

    Currently $369.95 USD incl delivery to most of the US. Listed at 600 ws with Bowens mount, 500 + full power pops per charge and a sweet carrying case and 1 yr warranty by Adorama.

    It may not be the latest flash on the block but at that price - You can over power the sun (modifier dependant) all day long and still not have to eat ramen noodles all week long.

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    What's the hack you're talking about?
  3. star bright star light

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    Dec 22, 2015
    It's the age old hack that's been floating around the internet for years.

    - Activate FP mode (HSS, HS, Hyper-sync, etc.) on the camera as you would as per your camera instructions - meaning for example -
    1) mount a capable Olympus flash on your Olympys camera and activate FP
    2) remove the Olympus flash from the camera hot shoe without turning the flash power off (turn flash power off my nice off hot shoe if you like)
    3) attach a cheapo dumb wireless trigger (single centre pin foot) to the camera hot shoe. Attach a compatible receiver to an off camera flash which is capable of HSS (pulsing) or long slow burn and you're good to go.

    Instead of a wireless trigger set up you could use a flash extension cord (shoe configure could be for Canon or Nikon or any grand as you will be using centre pin contact.

    You can get fancy and use the new Pocket Wizard IV or Cactus V6 or the just announced today V6ii so that you can leave an Olympys or 3rd party FP capable flash attached to the trigger in "pass-through" mode and then you won't have to re start the "hack" above when you turn your camera off.

    Bottom line - it is possible to test specific hardware set-ups very easily in most cases and with little expense. Borrow a friend's flash or in the case of my favourite set-up: buy a used older Elinchrom D-Lite4 IT with Eco Skyport for very little $ and re-purpose a PCB VML from an Einstein set-up to power it outside in the sun.

    One thing for sure - the possibilities are growing with new wireless triggers and flashes already announced or about to be announced in the coming months.

    AND - there is no substitute to testing specific set-ups for yourself to make sure the results are what you need.
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