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    Most of our members use the New Posts or Latest Discussions lists to find threads to read. When a contentious thread is getting repeatedly bumped to the top of those lists because of repetitive argumentation or other posts largely deemed to be of relatively low value based on moderator assessment, it is moved here to the Back Room subforum so that it will not appear under New Posts or Latest Discussions.

    Moving a thread here does not mean that it is worthless. On the contrary, a contentious and worthless thread is more likely to be closed or deleted than to be moved to the Back Room. The purpose of this forum is to allow threads that have some perceived value* to continue without being constantly and repeatedly in the eye of members who find it to be a waste of their time. The information contained within remains available, linkable, and indexed by Google as well as our site search engine for those who seek it.

    *Eg, there may be a dozen valuable posts within a thread that otherwise contains many pages of low value posts)

    Many sites have threads automatically close after X number of posts, which is one way of dealing with repeated bumping of contentious posts. Our threads have no limit - there can be thousands of posts in a single thread - so we had to come up with another solution. Threads are not moved here without careful consideration.

    Additionally, the following thread types will generally be moved to the Back Room:
    -Goodbye, I'm leaving Mu-43.com
    -Goodbye, I'm leaving Micro 4/3rds
    -Why did the moderator _____? (these will generally be closed or deleted and dealt with as a TOS violation)

    Of course, the site-wide rules for Mu-43.com also apply here in the Back Room, and threads which consume excessive moderator time and energy may be closed or deleted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.