About that Panny 14mm 2.5

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by PaulGiz, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Jan 3, 2013
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    My big plan to get a full 14/25/45 set of lenses fell through when I broke a tooth. $1300 for a crown. Yikes!!

    I did go ahead and get the 14mm as it's the cheapest of the three ($180 on ebay, pulled off a kit). Sunday morning, took a walk with it.

    Impressions: FOV -- very nice. Perfect for street, architectural, indoors. Of course there is perspective distortion because of focal length, but you go with it, or correct PP.

    CA -- most of the time, not a problem. Heavy backlight, well there it is. For most street stuff, don't care, can be minimized PP.

    Focus -- essentially instantaneous, both indoors and out. DOF is large enough so slight focus isn't as critical as you'd think. It's just nice to push the button and take a picture, sometimes that's the only way to get the shot.

    Sharpness -- just fine. Not a pixel peeper, no shots I took would be tossed for softness, so, good.

    Handling -- I kept reading about how impossibly tiny this lens is. OK, but you know what, it looks right on my E-PL5 and handles beautifully. Makes the camera feel very natural to me (coming from 35mm RF).

    Verdict: nice WA lens, small, light, fairly fast, sharp and cheap.

    Samples here -- not art, just walking around shots to get used to lens.