A visit to Munich, Germany

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    Oct 30, 2014
    Questions and comments are very welcome as usual.

    Work sent me a while back to Munich for two weeks. This was my first time in Europe and I was excited and a little nervous. I don’t know any German, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find my way around once there. As it turned out, I had almost no issues at all. From friendly coworkers to making a friend there, I came away with great memories and photos I cherish. I loved almost every minute of my time there and I would love to go back for another visit. In fact, I'm busy trying to convince my boss to send me back there this fall.

    Entire album here (57 pictures): https://www.flickr.com/gp/picsbyash/707Emv
    Here are my favourites. I tried to cut them down to just 12, but this time I couldn't decide which to cut out, so here are 15.

    This mural / graffiti depicts how I feel about Munich. This picture was processed in a very stylized manner to bring out what I felt was being conveyed by it:

    ILoveMunichMural-Final V2

    When I had some time on the weekend, I visited Viktualienmarkt which is a very old farmer’s market with beer gardens and tons of little shops selling everything from fresh produce to art. It was very entertaining to go there and just watch people:

    Viktualienmarkt_BW-5 V3

    Viktualienmarkt_BW-7 V3

    From there, it was a nice walk to the Hofgarten which is a beautiful little green sanctuary in the middle of the concrete maze:


    I continued on to the Bayerische Staatskanzlei (Bavarian State Chancellery) and was able to capture the building from a relatively unusual angle:


    So, why was I able to look up from below ground level? Because there was a monument to fallen soldiers from WW1, a very grim reminder of humanity, or sometimes lack thereof:


    Next, I walked on to Englischer Garten. This is a huge park/ oasis of greenery that dwarfs Hofgarten in size. Interestingly, there’s also the Eisbach which has a simulated wave area that surfers can ride. People jump off the side of the river banks and start surfing instantly. I like to think that in their minds they’re transported to a tropical beach somewhere. This chap in particular seemed deep in thought and far away on an island somewhere (Kauai?):


    The next night I went on to Olympic Garten to "catch a show". Several well known bands were playing in the stadiums nearby and people often gather on this hill to listen to the music. To my ears, it was a jumbled mess, but I was able to capture a gorgeous night view of Munich


    After the next work week, I was able to visit Bad Wiessee; a picturesque town on lake Tegernsee. I was able to go on a hike to the Tegernsee Hutte, which is a nice day hike in the Alps and very beautiful. Taxing and tiring, you end up at the Hutte and drink some beer and get some food that's never tasted better. Once you finish up, you head back down either to your car, or to another trail head from where you then have to walk back to your car. This view made it all worth it:


    Weather didn't cooperate all the time, with one night being completely rained/ hailed/ thunderstormed out. However, I was able to catch free performances by the local orchestra that played out in the open. It was an absolute delight to be able to take part in this very local event. While listening to music, I also people watched and was able to get a few shots:


    TegernseeOrchestra_BW-24 V2

    No visit to Germany is complete without a visit to a beer hall/ garden. After the garden, I took the U-bahn and went back to one that I had ended up frequenting because it was a 5-10 minute walk from my hotel during the first week and a half of my stay:


    On the last night of my two week stay, I was able to go to Schloss Nymphenburg and capture some very cool pictures. During the sunset, there was just a few patches of beautiful light breaking out through the quickly greying cloud cover behind the castle:

    Nymphenburg-Composite V2

    Doing a complete 180 from the castle, provided an equally pretty view of the city that was in motion just as the water:


    And then, finally, as I was about to pack up, when I looked over in the direction of my hotel, a lightning show started to unfold. I quickly moved my setup to try and capture the lightning show and it was a spectacular one. I was just in awe of the beauty of the show (shown previously, but edited slightly since):

    NympenburgLightning_Composite V3
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    Absolutely stunning, maritan! I keep clicking the Winner button...
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    Oct 30, 2014
    Thanks @popiT@popiT. I loved Munich and it really forced me to step out of my comfort zone to take some of the pictures I did. I think I came away as an improved photographer, however little that might have been.
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    Munich, Germany
    Very nice pictures @maritan@maritan. I especially like the thunderstorm one over Schloss Nymphenburg!

    So, how is convincing your boss coming along?
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    Oct 30, 2014
    Not too well. He made a trip to Munich right around Oktoberfest... That's fine though. I'm going to try to come back there next year.
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    Oct 30, 2014
    Talk about a blast from the past! Thanks @barry13@barry13 for featuring this old thread.
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