A trip to the Great Delvin (Ireland)

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    I recently made the journey to Ireland where part of my family came from. I took along my GH1 and a meager selection of lenses (as I was backpacking). I took the 14-45 and Pentax 110 50mm f2.8 and 70mm f2.8

    It was a great travel bundle which helped save weight.

    My blog post is here:

    and a few images from that post

    I had wished for a slightly shallower DoF on that shot, but didn't bring full frame along. It turned out that I was able to fiddle the DoF with a little selective blur in Photoshop


    seems to have worked without too much effort here ...


    all taken in RAW, processed in photomatix for a 35mm gritty look (and bring up the shadows) and the last one is a (scaled down) pano of 4 images taken in portrait orientation and joined in PTGui

    I found that the combination worked well, the f2.8's for portraits of friends and the 14-45 did well in low light and for general photography.

    With relatively little reviewing, 2 batteries lasted me 12 days including a few videos. All fit onto 2 4Gig cards. I still find that the GH1 is adequate as a camera for me.

    HTH someone in planning

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