A Tale of Two Pens (many images)

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by penfan2010, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Nov 12, 2010
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    I took both my Pen F and E-P2 on a recent trip overseas. On the F I had the Zuiko 25mm F4 (35mm equivalent, roughly) --- a slow lens, but very sharp. For the E-P2 I took the Panny 25 and the Olympus 14-150. I've always felt better when my back up for my digital camera was a fully manual - focus, aperture, shutter speed, no light meter -- and fully mechanical film camera like the F.


    This turned out to be a very good combo. I used the P2 for about 70-80% of the photos I took on the trip. With the Pen F, I shot about 2 rolls of 24 exposures, but ended up with close to 100 photos given that this camera is a half-frame 35mm. I used the F when the sun was bright enough for the F4 lens, as well as on rainy days to prevent the E-P2 from getting its circuits wet. It also came in handy when I exhausted power in all my P2's batteries.

    I've shared some of the P2 images in a few other posts today; here are a few more, plus some photos from the F as well. I shot CVS brand ISO 400 film, home processed with the C-41 kit. I am still re-learning the fine art of home developing and negative scanning, so the images from the Pen F may have dust marks, etc.

    With the E-P2:







    A few from the Pen F--some of these are PP'd with Snapseed. When I nailed the exposure and the light was right, the colors and contrast of the FT and the old 25mm really shone through.









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  2. phigmov

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    Apr 4, 2010
    Great set from both cameras.

    Did you try the 25mm F4 on the E-P2 ?

    The 'Flammkuchen' van shot is just asking to be turned into a postcard :)
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    Nov 12, 2010
    NJ, USA
    Thanks, Phigmov. No, I didn't use the 25 on the P2. My original plan was to bring a full 3 lend kit for the Pen F (25, the 38, and the 70) and bring the P2 as backup with the 25 Panny but also bring the Pen F adapter. I the end that 3 lens kit proved to be too heavy for my liking so switched plans.

    That Citroen van was a real beauty! BTW, I know you are a Pen F user as well. I find that the colors are sometimes muted/less contrasty with the Pen F lenses depending on the lighting conditions. Do you find the same?
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    I have a PEN EE and a TRIP 35 that I still use, along with my EPL1. It's amazing that these cameras continue to take such great pics. And yeah, the 1/2 frame just becomes more of a bargain. Sometimes I'll throw a roll of x-pro from Lomography in just for sh### and giggles.
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