A Tale of Three Pannies - GX-7, GM-1 and LX-100

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by penfan2010, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Arrived today and was surprised to see the box from Cardinal Cameras already here with the LX-100 I ordered last Friday (good deal on Amazon. $829 with a free 16GB card).

    Did a quick comparison with the GX-7and GM-1 to give a size impression.



    Not quite as good handling wise as the GX-7, but since I've gotten used to the GM-1 (and have used it much more frequently than the GX-7; smaller is decidedly better for my walk-about and street shooting), I do not think it will be a problem. The build is excellent, the EVF is better than I remember from when I tried it at the NYC Photoplus Expos last Friday, and the controls are pretty neat, with confident click stops. i owned the fjui x100 for a while and loved its controls, but felt limited after a while by the 35mm equivalent FOV. I think this one is a great complement to the GM-1 with the 45mm F1.8 for general travel. I was a bit concerned initially by how far the zoom extended, but using it again today (and thinking about my two other fixed zoom cameras, the RX-10 and X-10), not much of a problem (and zoom speed is definitely faster than RX-10, but it is a narrow focal length range). The three "zoomiess' below:


    Will be posting pics from it and sharing general observations as i get more time with the new camera. Some obviously-needed selling off now going on to make room (space and dollar-wise) for the LX-100.
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    Interesting comparison. I was going to mention how many cameras you have, but I had the good sense to count my own collection first. I will defer from further comments.
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