A silly question: G1 vs Rebel ?


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Aug 9, 2010
I just sold my 5D with 85/1.2ii and 35/1.4 after seveL years with it best combination I ever had, technologically. But now with smaller camera I'm taking more pics than ever since my contax s2/50 1.4 setup.

If you need to shoot very fast or enlarge beyond 16x20 then you'd be better off with the canon. If you're an artist the m43 (olympus in my case) is the new leica.
If you plan on shooting a moving subject in continuous mode, the rebel is the clear choice. My G1 is practically useless in continuous mode...

Glass is also an important aspect of IQ. Rebel wins there as well as Canon has a good selection of high end glass.

For sheer enjoyment of shooting, I prefer my E-PL1. Much more so that my 5d and 1dmII.


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Jul 26, 2010
St. John's, NL, Canada
Just when I thought the decision was made, I'm having second thoughts about M43. I've settled the battle between Panasonic and Olympus from a user perspective, but now, thinking about G2 or Rebel T1i. Since my cost has already crept up from my original plan of G10 + 45-200mm kit, I'm not willing to let it go up again to T2i levels, where the image quality appears to be significantly better, especially at higher ISO. So the competition for me is now G2 vs. T1i.
It seems that the arguments are weight vs. low light/high ISO image quality. I can't make up my mind. I've never gone above 400ISO before, but I've also been extremely unhappy with most of the concert shots I've ever taken, so being able to get usable results above this is attractive to me. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to end up taking photographs of - at the very least it will be scenic and the googie. Concerts maybe (though the SLR noise might be too much for this to be practical). Street possibly (though since I've always been very self-conscious about taking photos with other people in, I'm not sure whether I will ever get comfortable doing this). No sports. No portraits (other than the dog).

The T1i + 18-55mm + 55-250mm lenses is pretty much the same price as the G2 + 14-42mm + 45-200mm lenses...

Weight is a factor (my back isn't particularly strong), but on the flip side, I don't tend to go out for hours on end. I don't hike. I would go on tour guided walks on vacation, but these tend to be at a very slow pace, and with lots of rests.

I'm very attracted to the G2 form factor and its weight, but I'm not sure whether I'm going to regret it because of the poorer low light/fast performance.

I come from a point and shoot background and have never owned an SLR. My current camera is a Canon S5, and I always use this in manual mode.

Can anyone help me think this one through?


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Aug 16, 2010
A lot of personal opinions, one way or another. And they're good opinions - there is a lot to be said for smaller size and better portability, but... those always come at a price. No free lunch! :smile: So, to answer the OP's question:

How does the G1 compare in IQ to the canon Rebel line?
The Rebel wins. Period!
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