A/S Plate for E-PL2

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    May 7, 2012
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    I presently have a Markins Q20 ballhead that I normally use with my Nikon D300 and its lenses. And, I am now starting to imagine there may be times when I might want to mount my recently acquired E-PL2 on a tripod. In looking at previous threads, somebody recommended the Acratech #2176 plate that is designed for many of the Olympus Micro 4/3 bodies. I know that people like the plate because it is offset and allows access to the battery/SD compartment. I was ready to purchase the plate when I decided to see if any other companies offered A/S compatible plates that might also be of interest. In looking at the Markins web site, as well as talking with their representative, I was informed that they have two possible plates for the E-PL2: the P20 Markins: Home of Markins Q-Balls >> P20 or the P26U Markins: Home of Markins Q-Balls >> P26U . The P20 has three channels so the plate can be mounted offset, and the P26U is a square plate with dovetailing on all four sides so it can be mounted/adjusted accordingly. I am a bit interested in the P26U because it can also be used as a "guest" plate when I am out shooting with friends who would like to use my tripod/ballhead with their camera bodies. Has anybody used either Markins plate with a Micro 4/3 camera body? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.