A Portrait Shot In Prague

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    If you would like to read the story behind this shot, I invite you to visit the link below.

    My Photo Ramblings: The Guard In Prague

    It was shot with my Lumix G1, and 45mm/200mm lens. Slightly edited in PS with Silver FX Pro.


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  2. Streetshooter

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    Dec 15, 2009
    Phila, Pa USA
    Ya got it going on Hera.
  3. bebrox

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    Dec 29, 2009

    A wonderful capture, great angle to capture such a personality...thanks for sharing.

    And great to see a photo taken with the G1
  4. silverbullet

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    Feb 10, 2010
    Hi Hera!
    As I wrote in your blog, it's a phantastic portrait. At the first glance it seems that this shot was done on a well pushed Tri-X.....:smile:

    Prague is THE town of b/w photography for many decades. Prague breaths in silver-halogenide....:biggrin:

    For me the most impressive exhibition there was the museum of Jan Palach, a student who commited suicide due to the soviet occupation:

    Jan Palach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Two years ago I visited Prague with my Nikon-buddies. What a wonderful town, but very cold in February. But only some few tourists and an ugly working-tent on the Charles-bridge. Anyway, old stones didn't impress me too much at this photo-trip but the people and messing around with my Leica MP and the 35mm Cron plus Fuji Acros/Neopan I got nice photographs.

    Prague - a set on Flickr

    Edit: in your biography I found that you are born in Istanbul, whoww! Heaving read a book from Orhan Pamuk about the special mood named "Hüzün" together with the photographs of Ara Güler, it striked a string in me and top of December I'll fly to Istanbul. Hopefully I'll find some places where there will be not so much neon-lighting....... ;-)
  5. Thank you all for kind words and encouragements.

    Yes, I am Armenian born in Istanbul.

    We sepent 3 weeks in Prague when we held our first travel Blog.

    Our Prague Adventures

    I can't edit well on my portable computer screen, so the photos aren't much edited. But we held our daily adventures with text and photos.

    In 3 weeks we are off for 3 weeks to Florence. We will explore the region to our own pace.

    I love Prague.


    Hera Bell
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