A "must read" if you are a bird photographer !

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    in recent times, several incidents have taken place between bird photographers.

    Some are related here :

    When birdwatchers go bad: how the rise of 'wildlife paparazzi' has led to 'hide rage' - Telegraph

    To avoid further aggravation, "Britsh Birds" have proposed a brandnew "Code of Conduct" for all those who enjoy to shoot pictures of birds.

    Bird photography

    I would like to suggest that all of us shooting and sharing bird pics adhere to this CoC without hesitation !!!!

    Happy shooting (of pics, of course),
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    It is kind of common sense.
    I don't think I'd contravene any of that anyway.
    And I tend to be very put off photographing if there are other photographers there (just one person with a big lens next to me is enough). I never want to feel like I'm part of a paparaz, especially on a living thing.

    I suppose now the equipment is more widespread and there are more opportunities for non-professionals to have their work shown, sometimes on national TV, there might be more people going too far.
    Although I would have thought most people seeking to take good photos of animals have respect for those creatures and I hope wouldn't want to harass them in any way.
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    All I can say is Wow.
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