A little photo session with some Pens...my precious-es...

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    From about 6AM just started shooting a few.


    1930 Eversharp Pencil in "Rosewood" (that color/pattern of hard rubber), uses 1.1~ lead (currently filled with Worther 1.15).


    Mabie Todd & Co, N.Y. (American, ~1910-1921) Swan Self-Filling Pen Mabie Todd '2' 14K Flex Fine


    Wahl #2 Gold-Filled Pen (~1925) 14K Wahl Semi-flex Needlepoint.


    Eversharp Doric (1st generation), in Kashmir, 1931-1935 14K Eversharp #3 Adjustable, EF point, firm to full flex.


    Eversharp Skyline, Standard Size 14K Eversharp Semi-flex EF Mid to Late 1940s


    Parker 45 GT (Made in USA Body/Cap) 14K French-Made (and hallmarked) "R" Relief nib Mid-to-Late 1960s (Though Nib itself could be later), not one I own but rather one a friend sent me to clean up and check out before forwarding it off to him. They're decent workhorses can sometimes find them for 20 or less.


    Platinum Pocket Pen (Pre-1968) 14K Firm Fine (currently selling this one)


    Pilot Long Murex (MR-500SS) October 1978, Hiratsuka Plant Integrated Steel <F> Nib (in between a modern Pilot EF and Fine)


    Pelikan M640 Special Edition, Mount Everest 18K Medium, 2008


    Aurora Afrika Limited Edition (#1,765, 2002) Celluloid body, Piston filler, 18K "M" Nib (though writes more like a western EF) Bout the same size as an Optima but with a thicker/fancier body, not as large as the modern Aurora 88 but uses the same size nib.
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    Ok, I thought I was going to see a different sort of "Pens", but those also look quite nice, well done!
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    :p Guessing you thought something like this :


    Or my E-P3 (which I haven't used in a year since I got the E-M5).

    On that note... I miss my Pen-FT.
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