A few from the Blue Mountains, NSW

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    Good to see you didn't break rule no.1 and go walkies in the bush, apparently it takes about 5 minutes to lose your bearings and get (permanently) lost, there are so many stories of people never being seen again (!). Might go up there myself next weekend and do some panoramic shots with the Pany 20 to stitch together.
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    very colorful and well framed.
    Thanks for sharing!
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    No - I decided not to venture to far away from civilisation!
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    These were some lovely photos from overlooking the Grose Valley Paul. :2thumbs:

    You better wear your wet weather gear then. They're forecasting more rain late in the week again. :frown:
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    That'll be right.
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    Kept reading the title as not-safe-for-work!
    Lovely photos :)