A Few From "Buddha's Birthday"...

Discussion in 'Street, Documentary, and Portrait' started by tyrphoto, May 26, 2015.

  1. tyrphoto

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    May 25, 2014
    Seoul | NYC
    Yesterday (05.25.2015) was Buddha's Birthday which is a national holiday here in Korea as well as most other Asian countries where Buddhism is prevalent. There are tons of temples located throughout the city as well as the country and each has an event with food, live traditional music, prayer and lit lanterns. I visited Bongeunsa, which is the temple closest to where I live, last night since I thought it would be a good photo opportunity. Anyways, I wasn't disappointed but there were so many people, it got to be a little claustrophobic.

    I got there almost at 8pm and from start to finish, I was shooting at ISO 800 all the way up to ISO 6400 due to the rapidly decreasing light. Anyways, here are just a few that I've processed so far out of the hundreds of shots I took last night.

    FUJIFILM X100T, 19MM (28MM EQUIVALENT), F5.6, 1/125, ISO 800

    FUJIFILM X100T, 19MM (28MM EQUIVALENT), F5.6, 1/40, ISO 6400

    OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 60MM, F2.8, 1/60, ISO 3200

    OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 MK.II, 60MM, F2.8, 1/125, ISO 640
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  2. TwoWheels

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    May 28, 2014
    British Columbia
    Nice lighting and colours! It looks like a visually interesting holiday--one that's very foreign to those of us in North America.
  3. gryphon1911

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    Mar 13, 2014
    Central Ohio, USA
    Excellent images - the first 2 are the most powerful for me.
  4. TaoStory

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    May 12, 2014
    Benton Harbor, Michigan
    Tom Remisoski
    Great shots! Thanks for sharing.
  5. piggsy

    piggsy Mu-43 All-Pro

    Definitely something for the front page feature when you get some of the others ready :D 
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