A few E-P5 questions

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by tkbslc, Jul 25, 2016.

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    Just got an E-P5 with the recent refurb deals. This is my first Olympus cam, so I have a few things I haven't been able to figure out.

    1- Face Detection AF works awesome. Even better than my GX7. But it doesn't seem to be metering for the face it focuses on. With the GX7, you can see the exposure change when it finds a face to focus on. Can I make the E-P5 do this? It's a real life safer with backlit subjects and the like.

    2- Is there a way I can program a button to switch to Black and White mode? Without having to resort to a MySet? Just quick access to the Photo Style, I guess.

    3 - Should I leave it on 0-sec antishock unless I need burst? Seems not reason not to do that.

    4 - Is there an easy way to access Mysets? I found how I can overwrite the Art position on the Dial, but only with one. And I can stash another one with the magnify button, but this seems cumbersome. Is there a better way?

    5- Can I have the Live Control Panel and Super Control Panel enabled simultaneously? It lets me enable both, but then only shows me Live Control Panel. I like the former better for regular shooting, but there are some settings on Super Control Panel I'd like access to occasionally.

    6- Which is the default JPEG style? It seems like it defaulted to Natural, but that's also #3. I would assume #1 is default, but that's i-enhance. I hear good things about famous Olympus JPEGs and want to use the right one for that as I shoot a lot of JPEG.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Ross the fiddler

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    # 5 will help solve a number of your issues I think. You can cycle between screens (Normal shooting, Live Control & SCP) with a press of the OK key (other screen modes are changed with the Info key). It is an easy thing to touch select the shooting mode in the SCP & rotate the front (top) dial to change the setting/value & that way you can quickly change to B&W (Monotone).
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    Mar 26, 2014
    3 - Correct.
    4 - Use another dial position - multiscene. Or switch using the menu.
    6 - Yes, Natural, 3. I stick to that.

    For highest quality JPGs:
    First allow the highest quality:
    - G Record modes/Color/WB
    -- Record mode set: 1: Change from LF to L-SF
    Then use it:
    Go to Shooting menu 1:
    - Record mode: Still Picture: change from LN to LSF or LSF+RAW (set Custom G first)
  4. tkbslc

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    That's what I had hoped, but it does not seem to work. If I enable Live Control and SCP, when I press OK it pulls up Live Control. When I press OK again, it just goes back to shooting. No SCP unless I disable Live control. I even tried holding and double clicking OK. But it only likes one or the other.
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    Apr 9, 2013
    Enable both - click OK to call them up - use INFO button to switch back & forth between them.
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    That is correct. I first tried the OK button & thought that it brought up both but didn't try the Info key after it & that is needed to cycle between Live Control & SCP.
    Edit: I don't (normally) have Live Control enabled & didn't check properly before giving advice.
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    Thanks, that works!
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