a double victory

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    Jim R
    My future G7 kit has a few definitely 'buy' lenses.
    Well now it has one less.

    I'd been seeking a 300mm mirror lens for my Pentax pile for several months. They are rare old things, and someone always outbid me whenever they turned up. When I saw the Tokina :mu43: mirror I thought
    "sweet mystery of lens at last I found you!" :boohoo:

    Today I was at the GAS (global auction site) on another matter, and mind/mouse wandered a bit. Hey look: a Spiratone 300/5.6 mirror, T-mount with K adapter, for the price of a refurb Tokina! :cool: So film, APSc and :mu43: are all covered in one grab - 450mme (stabilized!) on the K-50 and 600mme on the inevitable G7, Birdies beware, I'm coming for you - donut bokeh and all!:yahoo: I once had a T>m43, wonder it that's still around here...

    mme is my shortcut for 35mm equivalent
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    Look forward to your results!