A defining Moment


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Mar 27, 2010
I posted these pics up in the gallery yesterday but didn't get a chance to do this accompanying post so here's the story behind the pics for those who've seen them.
It had been a grey, grey day all yesterday. Nothing more annoying than that when you want to go out and take pictures. It did rain for a while, late afternoon. But we'll draw a veil over that. I was convinced that I wouldn't get any more than my one shot for PAD. However, about 6:15 or so I noticed things brightening up a bit. So I took a look outside and saw the clouds breaking in the west and making the clouds to the east look rather interesting. With that I was gone. I jumped in the truck and headed out to Sherburne wildlife refuge to see if I could have any success there.

I think I was pretty successful.
It was a bit of an enlightening experience for me to be honest. I've been taking photographs seriously on and off since college and I don't think I've had an hour like this one. I got out of the truck at the first location (top two pictures) and sized up a picture in the viewfinder. Sure, the colours were a bit flat and dull but the composition was nice. Then the sun came out from behind a cloud and the dead rushes began to glow. For a moment I was breathless. It was beautiful. I was trying to remember the last time photography made me feel like this.
Most of the time I see a scene and think . "Ooh there's a picture here" Compose the shot, take the picture and look for another shot.
Not this time. I just sat there and waited and watched the scene develop and drank it in as it happened.
To be honest I'm glad I had the overnight to reflect on the pictures because if I'd posted this last night i think I would have sounded like a babbling fool
Anyway I hope you like the pictures


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Jan 13, 2010
Near "Playland" outside of NYC, NY, USA
Ian, I saw them last night in the gallery and they did catch my eye quickly.

I know that feeling you're talking about and your enthusiastic description brings it all back home to me. Love the marshes and water - and I know that light too, even over here in the states, it's inspirational!


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Dec 15, 2009
Phila, Pa USA
I read this yesterday and waited for other responses before I post mine.
It seems the defining moment is one of self awareness in the here and now. What you experienced is what all photographers chase. The moment when it all comes together, your totally aware of it and prepared with camera at the ready....
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