A Day At The Pittsburgh Zoo

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    My wife and I really enjoy going to the local zoo, as they have some pretty amazing animals and nice exhibits. Both of us were off work this past Friday, so I figured "why not get up and go so that we're there when they open at 9:00?". Not only do you beat the crowds, but it's the best time to see the big cats awake and active before they go to sleep for the next 18 hours.

    We were last at the zoo back in the fall, where I had a chance to put my recently acquired 50-200 to the test as a manual focusing lens, as I was using it on my GH4. This time though, I had the 50-200 (+ MC-14) mounted to my recently acquired E-M1, and my recently acquired 75mm f/1.8 mounted to one of my GH4's. I've already been using the 50-200 on my E-M1 to shoot some local auto-x events for the past few weekends, but this is the first time I've used it to shoot any "wildlife", and it didn't disappoint. Neither did the 75mm, which is pin sharp.

    Below are some of my favorite images from our day at the zoo. C&C is always welcome, but thanks for looking!

    One of the first exhibits you come to is the flamingo exhibit, where they have around a dozen or so Flamingos. Beautiful birds.



    After the Flamingos, we saw the Tiger. What was amazing about this shot (in my opinion) is that it was shot through some fairly dirty glass at a pretty bad angle. But thanks to the wonders of a CPL filter and Lightroom, I think the shot came out very well.


    Moving on from the Tiger exhibit you find the Black Rhinoceros in it's own exhibit, and the Lions in the exhibit next to it. The Rhino was busy eating his breakfast of grass/hay (talk about a high fiber diet...), while the Lion was busy catching some morning sun.



    After the Lion, came the Amur Leopards. What was great about this was that the baby cub (born about 2 months ago), had been released in the main exhibit. We spent probably 20 minutes at this exhibit alone, watching the baby run all over the exhibit, climb the fences and trees, get carried around and cleaned by his mother, etc.




    After seeing the Leopards, we continued through the zoo, seeing the Cheetahs, Gorillas, and Elephants, along with some other animals.




    All in all, it was a great day at the zoo. We had great weather (I could have used some cloud cover to help soften the shadows, but I try not to complain too much about sunny weather), and it wasn't too terribly crowded (it was certainly more crowded at 12:00 when we were leaving compared to 9:00 when we arrived). I also was very happy with the 50-200 and 75mm. These are fantastic lenses that are tack sharp, and I'm very glad to have them in my m43 lens arsenal.
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    Beautiful work!

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    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed these.
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    Thanks for the comments. I've gone through and updated the links to updated Flickr images which should have cured the odd colors present in the initial images. Hopefully these ones look a lot better!