9 Most Expensive Photographs In the World

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    Check this list of prized photographs

    It's really amazing that some are willing to pay so much for probably what many of us would call so little. I am especially amused and bewildered by the one of the cowboy. It is grainy because it was a photograph of an advertisement. How did that not fall under some type of copyright infringement?
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    Meh, those aren't expensive. This photo:


    Cost $490 million. There's a second one taken an hour later, also $490 million.

    Now that's expensive!

    (Mars Observer, cost $980 million and only took two pictures of Mars from a distance before failing)

    Anyway, art valuations - photography or not - have nothing to do with the quality of the work.
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    I'm apparently either a Philistine or a dinosaur. The only one I like is the Steichen.
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    Doug Green
    I bet if an Ansel Adams printed original of "Moonrise, Hernandez , New Mexico" in top-notch condition were to come up for sale nowadays, it would make that list - despite the fact that he personally made over 1300 prints of that negative.
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    Ain't that the truth!
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    This came up somewhere else before (DP review?). I thought the comments were more interesting than the photos. What do I know.