60th year wedding anniversay

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    60th Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot

    This month my mom and dad celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. I've photographed them together on this porch several times, this year is kind of special.

    There is some significance to the scene besides mom and dad. The porch is part of a small two room house they had moved onto their property several years ago. After some restoration and remodeling, it is now what mom calls "The Stuff House" - inside are items from the many years of their life together... her wedding dress, her mom's "Sunday go to meeting" jewelry, a shelf of Dad's old cameras, and of course many photographs of family as we grew up. The chairs they are sitting on used to sit in the front yard of my mom's childhood home where her mom and dad would sit in the evening drinking tea.

    Dad is now 80 and mom is 76 - they don't move around as fast as they used to. Dad is almost completely blind but can see enough to get around without running into things. They have been a shining example to all who have known them for what a marriage is supposed to be.

    I put some effort into this shot - it is a once in a lifetime event! I invited a local photography club I participate in over to spend the evening photographing mom and dad (who loved it BTW).

    This was taken in the early evening here in NE Texas, so it was still a bright and sunny day. I had two clamp lights secured in the ceiling of the porch with 150W bulbs facing down in front of them. A single 100W bulb was in the porch light socket, also bare which opened up the shadows on the wall created by the clamp lights in front. Inside the house were two more clamp lights on stands positioned to light the windows. I used the clamp lights instead of strobes so that the other members of the club could shoot with the lighting without having to pass around a Pocket Wizard to fire the strobes.

    Shot with the GX85 + 35-100/2.8 - 39mm @f/4 1/40s ISO 200
    RAW file processed in Capture One Pro





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  2. drd1135

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    Great set. The B&W one has a wonderful visual quality, a combination of nice tones and sharpness.
  3. yendikeno

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    Sep 5, 2015
    Great shots, and what a wonderful tribute for your mom and dad!
  4. bassman

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    The Bassman
    The second one is awesome.
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