6 days in Ladakh

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    rob collins
    Sun/moon rise/set

    I just got back from a few days holiday in Ladakh. Ladakh is a Kashmiri province in northern India on the borders of Tibet and Pakistan.

    My plan is to split this post into 6 parts to match the days (say 5 shots each) although I intend to post on themes rather than strict chronological order. I will readily admit that my first post of pics is not that exciting but it concerns a particular hobby of mine - moon and sun phases....

    I recently posted on a thread here about how difficult it is to catch the moon rising when the sun is setting. This is tied to physics...

    On the day of the full moon the moon will rise exactly opposite where the sun sets and the moon will rise at exactly the same time the sun sets. BY that I mean you will never catch the 2. The next day the sun will set at approximately the same time but the moon will rise 40 minutes later. That means there is a maximum of one day a month that you can catch the moon rising while the sun is setting - and that is one day before the full moon. Similarly there is only one potential day a month that you can catch a moon set at sun rise and that is the day after the full moon.

    You obviously need perfectly clear skies, mountains help and a fair degree of luck. Moon sets are easier to capture than moon rises.

    So here is sunset at Ladakh.....


    And here you can see the moon rising just as the sun sets. The two happened for around 7 minutes in total.


    The final photo of the moon rise was taken at 180mm (360 equiv with no more than 10% crop).


    The next shot is simply a photo of where I took the previous 3 shots the day before at sunset. You can see the morning shadow of the stupa in the rock face.


    Finally I have posted a slightly less successful photo trying to get the moon set just as the sun rises. An airforce helicopter buzzes over head but we see no light on the hills. There are 50,000 troops stationed in Ladakh protecting the Chinese and Pakistan borders. Leh airport I believe is the highest in the world.

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    Absolutely stunning images Rob :2thumbs::2thumbs: Leh-Ladakh is such a beautiful place .
  3. Love the rugged landscape. Looking forward to seeing more. Ladakh is on my sooner-rather-than-later travel list.
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    rob collins
    Ladakh 2

    People 1

    They are an interesting lot the people of Ladakh. Here is a bunch of people shots - the only thing they have in common is that there are 2 people in every photo.

    This is a mother giving her kid water at a monastery where she works as a builder. Generally in Ladakh the women work while the men supervise.


    Two mates look down from a wall.


    Two monks on a wall.


    Two road workers whose job it is to split rocks.


    A woman holding a prayer wheel which she rotates clockwise.

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    Peter Randal
    nice portraits, especially the closeups of two monks!
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    "2 mates from a wall" has exceptional lighting/color! The rock worker in the back...I don't know?
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    Incredible color in the people pictures.
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    rob collins
    Ladakh 3

    Bits and bobs....

    Polo is a popular spectator sport


    Candles in a Ladakh monastery


    Electricity pylons are the most obvious feature on the rugged landscapes


    Lichen is one of the few things that grows so far above sea level - it forms on the side of rocks that faces away from the sun.


    A stupa reflected in the windows of a newly built building

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    Beautiful sets, I really love the photos of the people. Excellent! :2thumbs:
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    rob collins

    People 2

    Ladakh4_4_of_5_.jpg People 2





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    Love the composition of the people shots. PP a little too heavy for me though:smile: