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  1. Any advice on where I could find a 59mm protective filter?

    I generally prefer to use filters when I take my lenses out on the street, or especially when traveling.

    So when I buy legacy lenses without filters, I try to pick one up right away.

    But ... I just picked up a beautiful Zeiss C/Y 135mm/f2.8 lens. I have too many 135mm lenses already, but I couldn't resist this one, and it's quickly become one of my favorites. But ...

    It has a 59mm filter thread! I've never heard of 59mm filter threads before, and apparently neither has eBay, Amazon, nor BH.
  2. Never mind :/

    The lens cap says 59mm ø, but it's an outside grip lens cap. The lens threads themselves fit a standard 55mm filter.

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    Good morning. You got a wonderful lens, congrats on it !
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