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I recently had a pretty bad experience with Panasonic's 5-axis IBIS in conjunction with a tele lens. I found that it was very difficult to get shots as I framed them, with objects that I wanted to be roughly in the middle of the frame appearing closer to the top or to the bottom border. It almost feels like the sensor is moving so much to compensate for lens movement that it ends up severely affecting the composition.

Granted, I was shooting from a boat, and my GX85 has the first generation of Panasonic's 5-axis IBIS, but when I switched to the GX8 which has older and admittedly less effective IBIS, I didn't have this problem. Yes, I had to make some minor corrections in post but I didn't have a single shot where the framing was completely off compared to what I saw in the EVF.

Am I alone in finding that this is a problem?


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May 15, 2016
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With my G85 i am often cutting off the bottom of the frame more than what it looked in the EVF
I put it down to the way I put the EVF to my eye. Sometimes i get it right but I cant determine how to get consistency. I normally use the 14-140 lens, odd but i get less errors with the 100-300. But i dont use it as much

I have lost a lot of shots due to this

I gave not noticed this with my Oly bodies

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Mar 9, 2021
IME the GX85's EVF is very small for any kind of burst shooting or 4K video of small BIF or fast moving or unpredictable moving subjects. I use the GX85 with the Live View screen while I hold the camera in one hand and at arms lenght with elbow bent. Using my body to equalize/reduce the movement of the vehicle I'm riding. This works with fast shutter speeds for photo and video with ranges up to 100mm MFT. Anything longer becomes unusable for me. To find what works best for you, try out various techniques without a tripod if you're just shooting photo. If you, need to shoot longer than 100mm for video, try a monopod on the boat.

Edit: If you're using the kit lens kit with 45-150, try burst shooting and a monopod, and with the highest shutterspeed that works for you.

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