4th Annual Scott Kelby Photo Walk

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    Scott Kelby's Fourth Annual | Worldwide Photo Walk

    If you are free this October 1-2 you may want to consider participating in one of the many photo walks that are held by local groups. Most are free and it's a great way to meet other photographers in your area.

    Last year I attended my 1st one here in New Jersey that was held at a local nature preserve. Funny, it was 10 miles from my house and I never knew it existed! This year I'll be attended two, one Saturday and one on Sunday. Check out the site above to see if there is one scheduled in your area. If not, consider hosting one!
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    Jun 4, 2011
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    Sounds like fun!

    I'm out of town for a wedding that weekend but may have located one that's on the way home . . . :smile: